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This page holds open research questions within robotics. It's not meant to be a complete list, but if you find that a discussion discovers something that we don't know or understand well yet, logged in members of the community can add it to the list on this wiki page. If you're a grad student and need something to work on, or a Principal Investigator looking for a proposal idea, this would be a good place to start.

High level questions

  • Intelligence - this is a loaded term, but what is meant here is that we can categorize various approaches to intelligence according to the level of invention and flexibility a given cognitive system has with respect to identifying patterns within its sensory input, and with respect to assembling novel actions in response to those stimuli.
    • We can build systems that cannot change their internal structure
    • We can build systems that can select from a number of pre-defined approaches
    • We can build systems that adapt by modifying existing parameters within specific approaches
    • We can build systems that learn by changing the features of their existing algorithms - for example, instead of just altering the weights or parameter values, they might be able to change the number of weights
    • We are not yet at the point where a system can reliably generate new algorithms that are useful in the world, where we can build a system that can look at a set of data and categorize it along axes or in ways that the designer did not foresee using tools that the system developed upon exposure to the data. For example, we can build systems that can use any one of a number of different approaches to categorizing data like course grades into better or worse student performance, but if the designer only provided tools that addressed aggregating and/or thresholding the source data, the system will not be able to develop tools based on temporal trends.

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