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Research Foci

This page holds a list of potential research focus areas that should be considered as within robotics and those that should be excluded. This is a wiki page, so logged in members of the community can edit it. Please be civil and use the discussion pages to argue about whether given topics should or should not be included!

Within Robotics

  • Everything in the Springer Handbook of Robotics, except maybe exoskeletons.

Up for Discussion

  • Cyborgs
    • Robotic enhancement of biological systems - this is the process of adding equipment and hardware to enable the biological system (bird, animal, fish, insect, plant?) to operate more effectively in its environment or to provide it with new capabilities - probably part of robotics
    • Turning biological systems into robots - this is the process of adding technology to a biological system that overrides its internal decision making and/or acting machinery to enable external control of the bird, animal, fish, or insect - probably not (and should we be doing this at all?)
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Learning - this is both a subject of study outside of robotics, in the larger computer science community, and a topic of particular interest to robotics, as it enables robots to function in more diverse environments and potentially enables improved self-calibration to support continued operation at longer running times. Yes?

Excluded from Robotics

  • Cyber-Physical Systems - there are two definitions for this term, one where it includes anything that has both a "cyber" and a "physical" component (which would include robots as a sub-category), and one where it is a more focused term referring specifically to large scale systems that include networked components (which would be a separate field of study). Discussion on the linked page.
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