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This page is a holding pen for whatever resources the community thinks are important. It is a wiki page and editable by any logged in community member. Links to archived versions of web pages or papers are preferred to combat link rot and extend the useful life of the site, and full citations and lengthy quotes on local pages are appreciated.

News, Blogs, Media

IEEE Automaton blog
Robohub blog
RobotGrrl (more a hacker/maker blog than a robot blog)

Conferences and Workshops

ICRA 2016 workshop on Verification of Autonomous Systems

ICRA 2017 workshop on Reproducible Robotics

IROS 2017 workshop on Verification of Autonomous Systems

Proposed ICRA 2018 workshop on Verification of Autonomous Systems

Main ICRA 2018 web site

Educational Resources

These are partial lists of educational institutions offering degrees or other education in robotics.

Undergraduate Degrees in Robotics



Graduate Degrees in Robotics



Aalborg (Netherlands)
ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
Heriot-Watt (UK)
KTH (Sweden)
Plymouth U (UK)
Sapienza (Italy)
TU Munich (Germany)
U Birmingham (UK)
U Bristol (UK)
U Carlos III Madrid (Spain)
U Essex (UK)
U Oslo (Norway)
UPMC (France)
U Sheffield (UK)

Undergraduate Degrees with Robotics Concentrations

SNHU B.S. in Information Technologies; concentration in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
University of Delaware B.S. in Computer Science; students propose concentrations in various topics; examples include Intelligent Robots and Artificial Intelligence
Georgia Tech B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, concentration in Automation and Robotics

Graduate Degrees with Robotics Concentrations

University of Detroit Mercy, M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, concentration in Robotics Systems
Boston University M.S. in Electrical Engineering, concentration in Robotics

Technical Schools with Degrees in Robotics

University of Advancing Technology (non ABET-accredited degree) Robotics and Embedded Systems


There are many research labs doing extremely highly regarded work at universities all over the world. The vast majority of these labs and researchers are working at universities that do not offer degrees in Robotics.

For example:



Stanford AI Lab, degrees through the Computer Science Department
Stanford Aerospace Robotics Lab, degree through the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Bio-Inspired Flight Lab, degrees through the Mechanical Engineering Department
Collaborative Haptics and Robotics in Medicine (CHARM) Lab, degrees through the Mechanical Engineering Department
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